Student Reflection

There are two types of reflections – the one you see in the bathroom, and the other in the classroom. This week we’re focusing on the latter – how can blogs be used to improve student learning?

Seeing as all the information is published online to a potentially global audience, blogging forces the student to truly understand the subject; as the success of the blog depends on it. Publishing poorly written, factually inaccurate could receive bad press, giving the student motivation to go the extra mile in their writing to prevent this occurring.

Summarising lessons in a blog helps to consolidate theories learnt in class, increasing the chance of accurate recall later in life. Listening to the lecturer may teach you things in the short term, however writing it in your own words has been proved to improve this drastically.

The ability to provide links encourages the student to thoroughly research the topic to provide relevant links. Students may end up reading extensively around the subject without even realising!

Along with becoming more knowledgeable in a given subject, a bonus benefit would be improved writing style and confidence – the student is gaining valuable experience writing for an intended audience, a skill valued highly by employers.

Blogging helps to easily divide up information into definable modules/sections, meaning the information provided is less convoluted. This also makes for easier revision, as the blog is easily accessible and is far more approachable than a 600 page textbook.

If you’re interested in blogging as an educational tool, Edublogs is a free online platform specifically designed with this purpose.

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