WordPress – why bother?

WordPress is an excellent tool for providing all bloggers great and small with a user friendly platform. What other benefits does it have as a blogging tool?

Worried you’re not fluent in HTML or programming? WordPress is ideal for beginners. Formatting a WordPress job is easy – hundreds of templates are provided, and numerous tutorial resources exist.  Within an hour of using the platform you’ll feel confident to make your own changes, and really make the page personal to you.

For example, take a look at this CMS, the exact one I’m using to write this blog:Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 13.06.09

The lefthand editing area is incredibly simple – just 5 simple options which break up the tools into logical sections. ‘Preview’ presents the blog in its final form, making it easy to interchange between the two and perfect the appearance. Finally, the text editing tools will be very familiar to Word or Pages users as it’s essentially the same. (I’m going to hit that blue ‘Update’ button now to upload the blog!)

It’s free! Although some more advanced templates will incur a fee, hosting your blog online will not cost a penny.

Plugins have got to be one of the biggest selling points for WordPress. Plugins allow the user to further develop their blog, giving the option of adding menus, payment methods and more advanced layouts. They are incredibly simple to source and install and they provide you with the ability to modify your site to suit your needs, and the vast majority are provided freely.

Finally, WordPress has a very supportive, friendly and approachable  community, filled with users willing to answer your questions. For me this is the most important factor’ knowing that advice is aways available.

For me, its main disadvantage is that compared to other more advanced platforms, the levels of customisation that can be achieved are relatively low. Overall however WordPress is an ideal tool for blogging beginners to make their mark and get their thoughts and feelings out there.

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