Online advertisements are everywhere – sometimes it feels like there is no escape. Ad blocks can be effective in removing unwanted ads, however what are their implications? This is the the topic up for discussion in this week’s post.

Ad block is an app used in a web browser that stops advertisements popping up on the screen. For example, before a YouTube video or on a webpage. An advantage is that it makes browsing simpler and quicker, seeing as the ads don’t have to load (taking up bandwidth). Consequently it makes browsing a better experience; we all know that being bombarded with tempting new gizmos can get tiresome (and in my case expensive!). On the flip side however, vast quantities of revenue are lost due to adblockers. This makes some business models less profitable, as they rely on ad clicks. It’s unsustainable for them, however techniques are available to minimise this. Using native advertisements is a strategy to counteract adblockers. This could include having sponsored articles, or other techniques to get their message across – in less technical terms, being sneaky!

If you’re curious about using adblocker on your own computer, please click here.

One thought on “Advertisements

  1. Great post. You might want to expand on this with the type of eBusiness models that rely on ad revenue (infomediary & affiliate websites are good examples of this).

    Can you go into more detail on native advertising? (how transparent is the fact that the content has been paid for)


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