Google power searching

How much cooler would it be if it was power ‘ranging’ instead of ‘searching’? They certainly missed a trick there… but I digress. This time we’re discussing sneaky shortcuts and methods to help students  find the exact data and information they need to cram into their assignments, using two examples. Wildcard Operators. These work as […]

Microsoft Qualification Review

Microsoft Office Specialist Qualifications are an industry recognised method of certification, used to measure proficiency in softwares such as Excel, Powerpoint and Word. They allow the student to gain valuable knowledge and real world experience using these tools, boosting your CV and employability. The range of qualifications offered vary from server and database management, Desktop […]

MOOC Review

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) are university-level courses undertaken online. An increasing popular choice for all ages, they allow study without the need to complete an entire programme/ 4 year degree. To assess their effectiveness and value to the high education sector, I enrolled on a MOOC provided by the site ‘Coursera’. Rather than update […]

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines such as Google and Bing don’t search in the millions – they search through billions of pages to get you what you want I’d wager thid to be Facebook 99% of the time). This presents a problem for small & medium sized businesses – how can their website compete with literally millions of […]

Bricks vs. Clicks – which one are you?

Do you prefer a saturday afternoon at the shopping center, or on the sofa browsing through Amazon’s latest deals? This post aims to consider the pros and cons of real vs. online shopping from not only the perspective of the consumer, but also the retailer. eCommerce offers a near unlimited variety of products and retailers […]

Student Reflection

There are two types of reflections – the one you see in the bathroom, and the other in the classroom. This week we’re focusing on the latter – how can blogs be used to improve student learning? Seeing as all the information is published online to a potentially global audience, blogging forces the student to […]

WordPress – why bother?

WordPress is an excellent tool for providing all bloggers great and small with a user friendly platform. What other benefits does it have as a blogging tool? Worried you’re not fluent in HTML or programming? WordPress is ideal for beginners. Formatting a WordPress job is easy – hundreds of templates are provided, and numerous tutorial […]